Sell your house quickly and easily! At our core, Home Network Partners is a group of buying and selling real estate industry members. Investors, brokers, and home sellers all come together with our team to quickly provide a safe, all-cash equity or mortgage solution for any homeowner looking to sell their house. No matter what the condition of the house may be, or when the cash payment deadline is, it’s our mission to make it happen. Our specialty is closing fast, and we would be happy to pay in all cash when you need.

As a corporation of like-minded Tennesseans, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to find quality property and mortgage solutions within the real estate industry. We buy houses for cash so you can sell your house and get the money you need for your next real estate investment. Owners Matthew Hintz and Rok Jung understand the complications that can arise with individual buyers, and our goal is to help mitigate that risk. With our team on your side, there is no need to worry about complicated and risky loans.

We are proud sponsors of the Tennessee Real Estate Investors Association, as well as the Real Estate Investors Association of Nashville. It’s time to work with experienced professionals who are here to revolutionize the way you sell your home. Feel confident in your decision, get the money you need, and sell your home fast by reaching out to Home Network Partners today for a quote.