Nashville has become one of the hottest cities to move to in America over the last decade and as a result the entire city is changing rapidly. The economy is booming, high-rises are going up everywhere, and land values have been skyrocketing to levels hardly anyone could have predicted just 20 years ago. If you are trying to sell house now for cash or sell equity in home, than you are in luck because the unprecedented migration into the city has created a substantial market for potential buyers. Getting out of a bad mortgage by finding a great mortgage solution or even selling an inheritance for cash has never been easier.

Many of the new residents are younger generations, from millennials to new families, and these people are flocking to Nashville for various reasons. In this article we will look at some of these big factors that lead to their decision to move here and why this situation is unlikely to change anytime soon.


Nashville is the home to Country Music and it has an endless supply of venues for entertainment at any time of the day or night. Nashville has so many top tier live music performances that it may just be the hottest concert venue in the world, and anyone who’s anyone in the music business will tell you that any artist from any genre can sell tickets in Nashville. Every single night there are literally dozens of live music performances going on throughout the city from restaurants and bars to the sidewalks. There’s no doubt that Nashville is striving to prove itself as the number one music venue in the world. Along with all of the various festivals, street parties, the downtown bar scene, theater outfits like the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, and various art galleries like the Frist, countless historical sites and museums, Nashville has something to entertain anyone.


Because Nashville’s economy is thriving and growing so strongly, there are endless streams of job opportunities in a wide array of industries and sectors. With acceptable sales tax rates, no income tax rate and high wages, Nashville offers people hope and enthusiasm for moving in, beginning a career, and creating the life for themselves that they dream of. Nashville’s employment rate is better than the national average, its job growth rate is significantly higher than the national average, and it is overall a very wealthy city compared to its national counterparts.



Nashville’s educational scene is extensive and offers a higher quality than what most people are accustomed to in other parts of the United States. There are over 20 Universities and colleges through the metro area, and Livability considers Nashville to be the number four college town in America, and it’s considered to be the number 1 college town in the SEC. With TSU, MTSU, Lipscomb, Vanderbilt, Belmont, and others, it offers quality degree programs in virtually any field of study in all price tiers. This has made Nashville a magnet for young millennials and foreign students alike.


Health Care

Nashville has some of the best hospitals in the region and many people come to Nashville to either work in the Healthcare field or to be treated by it. In fact, there are so many hospitals and medical businesses in Nashville that it constitutes one of its primary employment fields at around 18% of the population. Because of Vanderbilt’s state of the art facilities and its recent expansions, Meharry Medical College, and the Meridian Institute, among others, the city’s medical sector is exploding by training and then hiring more medical professionals than ever.



Along with all of the Universities, Nashville has many ways to show the team spirit with an array of professional and semi-professional clubs. The Tennessee Titans have a growing fan base and are becoming a widely recognized NFL team, whereas the Predators are becoming famous as one of the best hockey teams in the NHL consistently in recent years. The Sounds baseball team has developed a significant following and is loved by people around the city as a fun outing for the family and kids. The city realized the popularity of having a professional sports team and so even recently acquired a professional soccer club and is bidding to host the World Cup as the rest of the world discovers the attractiveness of the Nashville venue. Along with countless school teams from every level, the city’s overall sports scene offers people a game to cheer at on almost any night of the year.


The people of Tennessee are known as some of the friendliest people in the nation, and all it takes to discover the truth to that is to walk around the streets of Nashville exploring the locales and meeting the locals. Most visitors decide that they love the community and atmosphere of the city within a few days and this can be a large factor in helping them decide to stay here longer. The police are extremely helpful and respectful, the celebrities are down to earth and try to blend in, there are hospitality workers everywhere who want to help newcomers, and the local government appears to listen to the voice of the residents more often than one would expect. It’s no wonder that popular tourist magazines like Travel Leisure are rating Nashville as the friendliest city in the entire nation.


Being located in the center of the Eastern half of the United States, Nashville offers a convenient location that is nearby dozens of large cities as it borders with so many states. Its huge international airport is even getting new expansions and its interstate highway network is receiving much needed funding for upgrades and expansions. Being within half a day’s drive to Atlanta, St. Louis, or even the Gulf of Mexico gives everyone the ability to visit half the country with ease and it also allows all of those areas to visit Nashville equally easily. Because of its centralized location and proximity to so many large cities, Nashville acts as a nexus or hub city that everyone else networks through.


Nashville’s restaurant scene is far above average with many trendy and hip locations to choose from. The city has been ranked as the number 1 city for BBQ by Travel Leisure and the number 3 city for food by US Today’s Reader Choice Awards. Zagat’s calls Nashville one of America’s next hot food cities. With an assortment of food festivals and events and an exciting array of cafes, BBQ eateries, exquisite fine dining, pizza parlors, burger joints, and every other cultural style from Mexican to Greek, Nashville offers everything your taste buds could ever dream of.