Many people are looking to sell house fast for cash in the greater Nashville area for all sorts of reasons, whether it be to find a mortgage solution, cash out on an inheritance, or simply to profit off the recent boom in land values over the last few decades by selling their investment.

This means that there are many properties available on the market and so finding the right home for you might become a significant challenge. Because you are probably in a hurry and because you don’t want to get robbed of your hard earned money, this article will discuss various signs to look out for when examining a property to know if it’s the right one for you. Even if you are planning to fix a place and renovate it, you’ll definitely want to know what’s wrong with it and how much it might cost to fix the place to your standards.

One of the first things you’ll experience when looking at a home is the doors and entranceways. You want to pay special attention to every doorway and determine if it’s closing properly, if the latches are aligned and if the door opens or closes on its own when no one’s touching it. No one wants to live in a home that cannot be closed and locked properly, even if it is in a safe neighborhood because in the end there is never enough security.

While you’re on the lookout for doorway problems, keep an eye on windows and check them to see if they are aligned properly, if they shut and open as intended. Many workers will do poor quality jobs and rush through work failing to conduct the repairs properly, and this can lead to all sorts of problems which will eventually require further work to be done to resolve. If you are adamant that everything aligns and seals correctly, you might consider taking a level with you to check the doors and window frames.

Secondly one of the easier things to miss but will tell you the most about the workmanship put into remodeling a home is the flooring. Shoddy flooring is a quick sign that the work put into the home was a bust and will need to be redone eventually. Check to make sure the flooring doesn’t cause trouble with opening doorways and look at how it connects with the bases of the walls and other structures around the house. Check the trim and remember that hardwood floors are obvious with their flaws, but that carpeted floors can hide imperfections and so closer inspections will be needed. The reason that flooring quality is so important is because it often indicates potential plumbing and electrical problems could exist as well.

A third thing to watch out for is how the kitchen is laid out. Even expensive new appliances and materials can’t save a poor lay out or shoddy design. Traditionally the kitchen is one of the main selling points of a home so make sure to look very closely because most sellers will try to improve the appearance of the kitchen.

Look at the cabinets and check if the doors are aligned properly on them and if they close and shut correctly. Check the counters and see if outlets are easily accessible or check the sink and see where the splashing goes. Look around at the water and electrical lines, see if there’s a dishwasher connection, and try to look past all the window dressing the seller used to cover up the imperfections of their kitchen.

One area where sellers often cut corners is the electrical wiring of a house, and because they want to sell a house quick for cash they will often cut corners and make mistakes if they are trying to save as much money as they can. Rewiring a typical home can cost over 10,000 to 15,000 dollars so it’s a serious area worth investigating before buying. Often times they will have too many lights or outlets running onto the same circuit, which can cause overloads and will require a costly fix. Checking out the wiring can be time consuming and may require a deeper inspection.

You definitely want to check out the bathrooms and look under the sinks, try all of the faucets, check around the toilets and flush them, and open all of the cabinets, check the fixtures, etc. Bathrooms are some of the most notorious places where renovators cut corners to save a few bucks and there are many varied types of problems that can arise from poor workmanship in bathrooms. Especially take note of the floor and it’s condition while inspecting the bathrooms.

The sixth area you want to investigate in a potential home is the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning situation. Try to turn on the differing functions and see if the system works properly. Find out where the ventilation ducts lead to and take a look around in the attic or outside of the house to inspect the quality of the system apparatus itself. Having to replace this equipment and redo a ventilation system can become incredibly expensive very quickly, so take your time and ensure that you are aware of what you’re buying.

In addition while you are walking around the exterior of the home, check the roofing and ducts to see how drainage works and where it runs off to. Pay attention to the alignment of the land the house is on and the elevations of the surroundings.

If there is a basement go down in there and look around at pipes, walls, support beams, and the quality of the foundation itself. Check out the water heater-boiler and see if it’s new and in good condition. Look for infestations of termites, rats, or other creatures. The location may need to be sprayed for insects or baited and trapped for various infestations.

One interesting thing to look for when inspecting a home you might decide to buy is the coloring and materials used in everything from fixtures to pipes. Are the materials used matching each other? Does it look like whoever remodeled the place just got bargain parts and threw them together without considering if it matches? And even if they purchased expensive hardware it won’t matter if they didn’t install it correctly. Make sure to check everything and consider it in the bigger picture of how the house comes together in total.

Lastly, perhaps one of the most important yet often overlooked aspects of a prospective house are the safety features it provides to ensure it’s occupants are not in any unnecessary dangers. Check the safety handrails on stairways especially, make sure they are strong and sturdy because a fall on a stairway can end in great tragedy. If there is a fence around the house check it out and make sure it’s properly installed.

If you are a seller and are looking to sell house now for cash and want to make improvements to it yourself yet cannot afford it, consider getting a home improvement loan or working out payment plans with local companies that want to do the work for you. However if you are simply wanting to sell home now quick for cash and don’t want to bother with all of the trouble, make sure you tell your agent everything that you know is wrong with it and let them know what they will need to fix before they can move people into it.

You will also want to check out some of the guides available on finding out about mold, radon, lead paint, or other hazards that you will want to watch out for.